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Choosing A Christening gown for boys and girls

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Choosing A Christening Gown

Choosing a Christening gown is always a memorable choice. A christening is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion for a baby. Within families, the gown can be a continuation of a tradition or the beginning of a new one. The choice will be partly based on individual taste. Yet this special selection is also influenced by several determining factors.


Most Christian denominations have a baptism or dedication ceremony. The christening dress may vary according to one's faith. Considering the symbolism of the christening gown, the requirements of one's religion must be given priority. Some religions insist that the Christening dress must be a shade of white. Other churches allow cream and even pastels for the gowns. 

Boys And Girls

There are various styles for boys and girls. Traditionally, boys and girls wore christening gowns. If you are following that tradition, you can choose a more simple, casual style for a boy's gown and bonnet/hat. Unisex gowns are also in the marketplace.

Modern families often choose a boys romper suit rather than the traditional gown. There are even convertible gowns for boys. These outfits are baby suits with a detachable skirt. They can be a gown one moment, and a romper, the next minute.

Christening Gown/Christening Dress

Christening gowns and Christening Dresses -  there is no need for confusion. The terms are used in an interchangeable manner. 'Christening gown' is used more often to describe the traditional style. A christening gown is usually longer in length. A christening dress is shorter. The shorter style is used frequently for an older child. Everybody that goes through a christening isn't a newborn baby. A short style is easier to handle - especially for post-ceremony.


Whatever the type of gown, remember to clean it properly after use. 

The traditional christening gown is a more formal type. Traditional dresses are usually fashioned from silk or satin. They are usually long gowns (cathedral length) and have delicate details such as fine lace, embroidery, and appliqués.

If you are planning to pass down the gown as a heirloom, choose a traditional style. It will continue to look classic for many years. Choosing a unisex style or one with detachable ribbons and bows is also a sensible choice. Boys or girls can use the outfit in the future.

Modern christening gowns are often made from silk or satin. There are very modern outfits for boys including textured vests as well as a traditional boys christening gown.


Heirloom Gowns
Heirloom gowns refer to gowns which have been passed down to you or heirloom-style dresses (high quality). They can also be embroidered with the family name to keep as a special keepsake and names can be added down the generations.

Customised Gowns
Customised gowns allow you to make a 'special' gown for your child. the gown can be personalised whereby you can embroider a child's name on a dress. 

Choose fabrics that breathe easily to ensure maximum comfort.  All First Blessings gowns are fully lined with soft cotton to provide comfort and quality to the Christening gown.

Faux silk - hand washable - line dry - does not crease and hangs beautifully.

Raw silk dupion - dry clean only - traditional and looks beautiful.  the fabric has slight slub lines which are unique to the fabric, they are not flaws.



Most christening gowns are white or ivory. White is used as a symbol of  innocence and purity. Yet modern christening dresses are also available in additional colours. Sometimes today's dresses may get a special touch of color. Even traditional Irish christening gowns are using a hint of color. A shamrock can have a bit of  green. A Celtic cross could be a little blue.

Pay attention to the practical details. Are buttons sewn on in a proper manner? 
Does the detailing match the dress? 
There are various shades of white. Silk, however, is an off-white.
Lovely details can include lace, embroidery, ribbons, bows, and floral appliqués.
Boys' christening outfits can have bow ties and pin tucks.

The proper fit is important for a christening dress. A baby must be able to move freely in the outfit. A soft fabric should always be used for a christening gown. A baby's skin is sensitive so material shouldn't tear skin or cause a baby to be in an itchy, uncomfortable state.  First Blessing make all designs to order so you can be sure of a lovely fit for the Christening day.


Made With Love

First Blessings Christening gowns are all made with love.

The special baby can wear coordinating christening bootees made from the same fabric as the gown. 

Religious symbols, such as a cross, can be on the soles of the shoes. Don't forget stylish bonnets, hats and beautiful bibs to protect that special gown.

Whichever First Blessings gown you decide upon you can be sure of quality and customer service all the way.

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  • It’s interesting to know that most christening gowns are white or ivory because it symbolizes innocence and purity. My son’s baptismal day is just around the corner, so I’m looking to find the best outfit for him. I’ve been wondering why parents choose a white christening outfit, so I’m glad that I came across your blog. Thanks! http://www.detailsandtraditions.com/category-s/151.htm

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