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Wedding Dress to Christening Gown

Your wedding dress is probably the most important item of clothing you will ever buy, so much thought goes into the dress and the memories that the dress holds are insurmountable.  After the big day the dress is usually packed away with great care and affection, and possibly not looked at or admired again for a very long time.

First Blessings can convert your treasured wedding gown into a beautiful Christening gown for your baby and create a heirloom gown to pass down to future generations.  Embroidery can be added to commemorate the day and matching hats, bonnets, booties and bibs can also be designed to fully compliment the bespoke gown.

If you would like a quote to convert your wedding dress into a christening robe just email me with a picture of your wedding dress and I will do my best to make your dream christening gown for you.

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